E Cigarette and The Information You Need

We take a closer look at the electronic cigarette and see if the information available online is accurate, and let you know where you can go to see the facts.


  1. I started smoking at 17, about 10 years ago. Yes, I know it’s illegal. No, I didn’t care. Any smoker can tell you what it’s like to run out of cigarettes: You’re irritable, you get the shakes, you’re nervous and just the smell of a cigarette is almost painful when you’re out. Even though it’s not an illicit substance, the symptoms of withdrawal can hurt just as much. By the time I stopped “smoking” I was up to about a pack and a half to two packs a day. With the recent tax increases, that was almost $10 per day to die slowly.

    Electronic cigarettes are not a hoax. The journey to stop smoking cigarettes has been a rough one for me. I have tried many times to quit. I have even been successful a few of those times but it never seemed to stick.

    Being that I smoked full flavor cigarettes for the past 10 years, I chose the highest strength cartridge. My cartridges deliver 16mg of nicotine per cartridge, which is equal to about 20 cigarettes (theoretically. A cartridge actually lasts me about 2 days.) and is supposed to last about as long as one pack of cigarettes would typically last you. You can get cartridges for as cheap as $1 each, which means a “carton” worth of cartridges is $10. The cartridges I use contains propylene glycol, nicotine, lactic acid, flavorings and alcohol. Propylene glycol is used as a vapor delivery method, nicotine is obvious, lactic acid comes from milk, the flavorings produce the taste, and the alcohol content is negligible considering the amount of liquid actually in a cartridge. None of these has ever been linked to cancer, and probably none of them ever will. That’s a much shorter list than the list of chemical compounds in a cigarette, isn’t it?

    The most recent findings by the FDA prove that vaping is not as healthy an alternative as some e-cigarette manufacturers may want to claim. The best thing to do is read our electronic cigarette review here and understand for yourself which one would be right for you. For the most part, e-cigarettes are still an unknown. But, traditional smoking is a known, and has been proven to cause an estimated 438,000 American lives every year (American Lung Association, Smoking 101 Fact Sheet).

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