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#foreveralone | Love is Pain, as Life is Shit. | Mai una gioia.

RJ King

Web designer at BurstSocial design studio. On Storify to get updates from universities, news outlets, and tech companies. I currently have no plans to write my own stories.

Foyanne J Lynn

Ducks are my favorite animal. Sometimes I dream I'm a duck and my brother tells me I quack in my sleep. I just thought you should know that. A little more about me: I'm 21 years old and I live in a very cold place in the world. Not as cold as Antarctica, but pretty close. Even when the sun is out my entire area is still covered in snow. Fun Facts: My middle name is Jennifer. I have 5 toes. (10 Total of course), and I have 1 sibling.

Lila Blanca PH

Independent Band - Ph

Kris Bradley

Passion = Internet Marketing. Twitter practitioner. Family is my everything. God bless craft brewers. M.S. Internet Marketing from @fullsail. Tweet for @minddnd

Dr. Michele N. Ross

Author of @VitaminWeed. Sexpert at @FoxandNug. CEO @greenstonelabs. Big Brother 11 Star. Book me:

James Healey

Currently Junior Developer @Clicksco. Studying Comp Sci at Teesside Uni. Likes film, music, tech, code.

Johnny Guambaña

Periodismo desde Cuenca. El riesgo es parte de la creatividad. No metal no life.

Paul Cantrell

What do you want to do with your life? There’s no place like

Son of Harley

Radio superstar


rock music artist producer hadesmusic inc hfaamusic Hfaamusic!! Rock!! Solo te pido!!

Leticia Cortez

I teach, love Film, Godard, Bergman, Pasolini, Fassbinder, Herzog, Kluge, Von Trotta, Subiela, Cassavettes, Renais, Tarkovsky; believe in animal & human rights.

Carly Stevenson

PhD student @SheffieldGothic. Fond of coffee, cats and Keats. All views own.


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Mike Brown

@Columbia #CUJ15 Journalism student. @QMUL graduate. Interested in politics, technology, and using a camera