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I am the following: SF/F Writer, Freelance Writer, Book Reviewer, Blogger, TV Reviewer, Awesome Chick, Geek, Tea Drinker, MFA Seeker.

Cheryl Malaguti

Super-lefty hs mom, über-right area. Equal rights for all regardless of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religious views. I endorse not being a dick. Progressive.


A girl who spends much of her idle time daydreaming or reading, or both at once if it suits her. I read, I write, I game and I bake. What more do you want?

Chronic illness, social justice issues, progressive politics, stories, snark. Single mother to Tapshoes and Nemesis. Free for dinner.


Avid romance reader, reviewer and blogger.

Laurelyn Collins

Data wrangler. Bibliomaniac. Wife, mama to one, stepmom to three. Used to gallivant about the country a fair bit to hang out with rabid MST3K fans.


more cat than human; comprised entirely of sneezes; sustained a Smash Bros-related injury to left thumb, 11/21/14

The Two Angles

‘The Two Angles’ covers topics including relationship, love and dating tips, sex and romance, breakup, men’s health, women’s health, love stories, how to get back, and relationship support .

K.M. Jackson

A former fashionista now trying her hand at the writing game. BOUNCE available now

SFGIANTS FAN | queer | asian | urbanite | bookworm | ramen monster

Daisuke Muro

Angela Alcorn

Online career strategist, writer, editor, social media manager. Internet maven and kind of a geek. @AngelaAlcorn


WIfe, mother, avid reader, hopelessly addicted to shoes, reviewer at Fiction Vixen Book Reviews, Fresh Fiction and Goodreads.



Advocate. Geek. Tween, teen, and YA librarian. Blogging at All tweets, pictures, opinions are all products of me.