The Most Common Problems Managers Face with Employees

A summary of popular issues that managers have to deal with and how they can fix those issues to keep happy employees.


  1. Managing employees is a task that not everyone can handle. It is difficult to be the person making and carrying out the rules, especially when some employees do not like some of those rules. This can be a difficult job in itself, but when a manager has to deal with problem employees, the task can seem unbearable. It is easy for managers to want to give in to their employees and just let the issues keep piling up.

  2. Obviously, this is not a solution that any manager should consider. Managers need to maintain an orderly work environment that everyone can function in effectively. In order to do this, managers need to deal with their problem employees and work to create a positive and inviting work environment that everyone can look forward to coming back to every day. Taking this approach can help a manager create happier employees and even make a more productive office. Here are the most common problems managers face with employees and how to resolve them.
  3. Employees spending too much time outside of the office
  4. Employers continue to face this issue year after year. Employees saying that they are outside of the office to do work tasks when really they are spending an extra hour having lunch with a friend. Even managers who have employees who work remotely often find issues with the hours logged. Mangers can use sites like to keep track of their employee’s hours and productivity easily without having to hassle them every day. This keeps employees accountable without making the manager out to be a bad guy.
  5. Employees spending too much time on social media sites
  6. Social media can be a big distraction for all employees. Many employers will block social media sites on company computers, but employees cannot be stopped from using personal technologies for the same purpose. This can make employees extremely distracted and unproductive. Managers can resolve this issue by giving their employees a regular schedule that they will need to stick to in order to get all of their work done. Employers can still allow short breaks throughout the day with this schedule to keep employees relaxed, but still productive.
  7. Employees doing the bare minimum
  8. Many managers will notice issues with employees reaching their plateau, so to speak, and resting on the same work ethic and processes that they have been using for years. These employees feel bored and have no motivation to create anything new for their employers. Managers can encourage creativity by promoting new ideas with these employees and giving them more responsibilities.
  9. Employees spreading negativity throughout the office
  10. Some employees will come to work with a bad attitude every day. These employees can spread negativity throughout the office, through negative comments, gossip or even outward bursts of anger. Managers should work with these employees to find out what is causing their negative moods. If it is a personal issue, managers can allow the employee to take a day or two to sort it out and then return to the office when it is fixed.