#SmallBizHour Introduction/Discussion (Audio)

#SmallBizHour March 21st 2016


  1. Twitter just turned 10 years old! Darren and Steph took the opportunity to discuss tweetchats and #SmallBizHour by way of introduction and to set expectations as to what exactly happens every week at 9pm (GMT)
  2. Take a listen to the audio discussion in the YouTube video below (audio only)...
  3. You can listen to the recording on Soundcloud if you prefer...
  4. Here's what is covered in the audio recording:
  5. 0.00: Summary of #SmallBizHour with @SmallBizGeekUK (Host)
  6. 1:02: Introducing Steph @CineRobota (Co-host)
  7. 2:33: How tweetchats work
  8. 4:18: Why tweetchats?
  9. 7:20: The problem with Twitter and businesses
  10. 8:27: Using Tweetdeck and other Twitter clients
  11. 11:19: The question structure of #SmallBizHour
  12. 12:11: Why we use Storify
  13. 14:48: Google Calendar mobile push notification tweetchat reminders
  14. 16:12: How Twitter could change in the near future
  15. 17:48: Dealing with Twitter SPAM