Mobile Learning + Higher Ed #sloancmobile transcript

The Sloan-C Institute encouraged the #sloanc Twitter community to join in an interactive conversation on mobile learning in higher education. This event featured special guest Scott Hamm, the Director of Mobile Learning Research at Abilene Christian University. Here's an archive of the tweets.

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  1. Mobile devices are increasingly a part of personal and professional learning experiences - how do they relate to higher and online education? 

  2. As an online educator, administrator or instructional designer, you may not "see" your learners using mobile technology but chances are it's on your mind. In this post we'll share a transcript from the #sloancmobile Twitter chat featuring @scottehamm of @ACUedu. As you reflect on these Flickr images and Tweets, consider your answers to the questions presented. You can use the hashtag #sloancmobile to interact with our community on this important topic.
  3. Questions to consider

  5. Do you access your online classroom from a mobile device? If so how do you feel about it?

  6. Do you use mobile devices to teach? If so, how? If not, what are your concerns?

  7. Do you design for mobile learning? How do tablets, for example, figure into your online learning teaching/practices?

  8. How can mobile learning impact a learning community? Have you experienced community/social presence benefits?

  9. #sloancmobile Transcript

  10. Our guest today and Mobile Learning Mastery Series facilitator Scott Hamm (@scottehamm).
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