Thor Hammers on the Poor

This starts with a discussion about energy - renewables and storage - and gets to FIT subsidies, or feed in tariffs. This is an inflated rate paid to (mostly) small, renewable energy providers to get them on the grid. As Ontario, where I live, has employed FITs to disastrous results, I joined in.


  1. Actually RE + storage is THE most expensive electricity option. It is strictly a boutique or prestige item, like a Tesla or a Rolex. There are better, much less expensive options. It would take massive subsidies to move them into the residential market in any scale.
  2. The problem is your ideas would increase the ranks of the "poorest". And because a carbon tax is a tax on everything, the poorest would be the hardest hit.
  3. This is the basis of the whole argument... that somehow more expensive power is better. Yet we KNOW that one of the primary reasons for the developed world's rapid advances is cheap energy, and one of the primary reasons the developing world hasn't caught up is the lack of cheap energy.
  4. Well, we certainly agree on this one point. FIT has been a nightmare Ontario can't wake from...
  5. One OR the other, not of... stupid fingers... We get to the logical fallacy part of the ideological argument, false dichotomy in this case. Why does it have to be FIT or carbon tax? It could be something else, or neither. The logical response to a challenge is to examine whether or not a solution is needed, and if so which is the best. If action IS warranted, a cost/benefit analysis helps determine the best course of action.
  6. Non sequitur