Taylurking: Taylor Swift is impressive with her social media

Taylor Swift is the queen of celebrity social media, here is why


  1. To promote her new album "1989" Taylor Swift did what she does best, engaging with her fans through what she called "taylurking."
  2. She used the term "taylurking" as a play on words of "taylor lurking" and encouraged fans to post a photo with her new album with the hashtag #taylurking. She then would go back and tweet fans photos.
  3. Although this might sound creepy, her fans loved this. They love the way that she engages with them and she makes them feel like they personally know her.
  4. But not everyone was able to be featured on her personal twitter, even though they tried #Taylurking became a worldwide trend, meaning a lot of fans were participating in the twitter community.
  5. The thing about Taylor Swift's social media engagement is she makes her fans feel like she actually cares about them, and that is her key to being the "queen of celebrity social media." She suddenly becomes a relatable celebrity, someone who isn't just an icon; she plays games with them, responds to their questions and concerns, makes fun of herself.