@SivParker & @timsenior on 'Indigenous Health'

#MiddayYarn between @SivParker hosting @WePublicHealth and GP Dr Tim Senior @timsenior 6Feb2014

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  1. What is a #MiddayYarn ? 
    My name is Siv Parker. I'm indebted to Dr Tim Senior for agreeing to participate in a public exchange on Indigenous health matters via Twitter.  My objective was to show an Indigenous perspective and a health practitioner's perspective.

    Reading notes
    Some tweets are duplicated, where there were multiple responses to the same tweet. 
    Tweeting is an 'instant' social media platform so please forgive the occasional typo. We both agreed that a spontaneous rather than pre-scripted exchange was more engaging. Please note the links below to our blogs where we have the opportunity to edit and as per Dr Tim's links, have his work peer reviewed. 
    There are issues with the tweet capturing technology currently available, for example : storify captures live tweets, so when the host of a rotational curation account (such as @WePublicHealth) changes at the end of the week, so to, does the avi for the @WePublicHealth Twitter handle.
    [10 February 2014, Australia]

    Don’t miss this – some wonderful yarning about community engagement

    "  The tradition of yarning in sharing Indigenous knowledge is also being used in research and clinical contexts – but the notion of Twitter-based yarning is something new.

    Siv Parker, an award-winning Aboriginal writer with longstanding experience in the health sector, has been at the forefront of developing tweet-yarns, as was in evidence last week while she was guest tweeting for @WePublicHealth." - @croakeyblog


    Dr Tim Senior GP @timsenior   : 
    The Influence of the Tricorder for a collection of his work (peer-reviewed articles, profiles & online work)
    and AMS Doctor for personal reflections, comment, discussion by and for doctors working in Aboriginal Medical Services.

    Siv Parker, Writer & Emerging Screenwriter @SivParker :
    Blogs writing samples, pitches, occasional political commentary & coming events here  : OnDusk 
    Siv Parker's bio plus additional background is here : @WePublicHealthan experiment in citizen journalism meets public health

  2. Technical specifications: I was tweeting from the Northern Rivers - the north west coastal region of New South Wales and Tim Senior was traveling on a train in southern New South Wales. But, with only a minor delay, we got underway and the #TweetYarn flowed smoothly.
    NB: this is a collation of multiple threads.