North Korean Contemporary Economic History Review Series

Peter Ward holds a B.A. in Korean History from Korea University in Seoul and is a former assistant to Dr. Andrei Lankov. In this series, he provides insights from the burgeoning literature on contemporary North Korean marketization in Korean. Sino-NK editor Christopher Green provides an assist.


  1. Peter Ward summarizes Philo Kim's “Segmentalized Marketization and Its Sociopolitical Implications in North Korea” in the fifth installment of our contemporary marketization series.
  2. In the fourth article in the series, Christopher Green looks at Park Hyeong-jung's Towards a Political Analysis of Markets in North Korea, which challenges common claims surrounding marketization.
  3. Peter Ward provides a look at Yang Mun-su's The Marketization of the North Korean Economy in his third review essay.
  4. Next, Peter Ward reviews Joung Eun-lee's "An Analysis of the Level Of North Korean Market Institutionalization on the Basis Of The Physical Development Of Public Markets."
  5. In Peter Ward's first review, he examines Choi Bong-dae and Koo Kab-woo's “Farmers’ Markets in Sinuiju, Chungjin and Hyesan in North Korea, 1950-1980."