GOP Republican Debate Live-Tweeting

Live-tweets from the Republican Presidential Candidate Debate


  1. Introducing myself as an LMU student, explaining that I would be covering the Republican debate for a brief period.
  2. Like many of the candidates, Kasich avoided the question the moderator asked him, and instead redirected the conversation to a common fear of what would happen if the nation elected the wrong candidate. He let it be known that he is not the wrong candidate, but that he also shares in this fear.
  3. Donald Trump seems to have not heard the moderators' introductory statement when they specifically said to not make a cliche answer in regards to the weakness question.
  4. One of the commentators made a very opinionated comment about his feelings on Donald Trump's campaign, based on Trump's most recent question.
  5. This retweet comes from a Twitter user commenting on the fact that @CarlyFiorina tweeted "In your heart of hearts, you cannot wait to see a debate between Hillary and Carly."
  6. Fiorina said that we need someone as President who "knows how to get things done." This statement begs the question of what America, or anyone, looks for in a leader, or specifically, a President.
  7. Attached in this tweet is an article describing Governor Kasich and the skepticism and controversy surrounding his previous business dealings.
  8. An interesting tactic that Rubio uses, perhaps trying to throw some viewers off by explicitly saying what he will not do, yet actually putting down other candidates, including Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.
  9. Something that I learned from reading "Distant Witness" by Andy Carvin was the importance of putting warnings on your tweets that demonstrate what you are publicizing may not be free from errors, by simply truthfully stating that you have not read the article in full yet.
  10. An interesting, helpful quick link to have a comprehensive view and an idea of what the 2015 Republican Debate consisted of, for people who did not have time to watch the entire debate.