Sexual Violence at SFU: An Open Dialogue

The tweets below are from Kathleen Yang (@Kathleen__Yang), the student representative on the Sexual Violence & Misconduct Policy Development Advisory Group, during the Sexual Violence at SFU: An Open Dialogue.


  1. You can provide your input on the draft policy by January 31 at
  2. The event was facilitated by Shauna Sylvester, SFU Dialogue Director. Students sat in small groups and discussed a series of questions together before sharing their thoughts and ideas with the larger group.
  3. Students were asked what their hopes and concerns were about the draft policy.
  4. The start of the conversation centered around the process to create the draft policy, educational campaigns on sexual violence, the Active Bystander Network and the proposed Central Resource Office.
  5. First question: what would a Central Resource Office look like to you?