#SIF17 Main session 2: A positive outlook: Leave no one offline

Half of the world’s population — specifically women, the poor and marginalised populations in developing countries — are still being left offline. What is needed to reach those still offline?

  1. Beyond access, there are still many obstacles to achieving a digital inclusive society. Access to the Internet, ICT’s and digital tools is not only a catalyst for economic growth but increasingly a means for people to participate in today’s society. Too often access is measured by number of subscribers.

    This session will address access and power from a multidimensional approach – including infrastructure, affordability and contextual factors such as regulation and social and power structures.
  2. Location: Mässhallen
    Twitter: #SIF17
  3. Moderator: Emily Taylor
    Twitter: @etaylaw
  4. Panelists:
  5. Alison Gillwald – Executive Director, Research ICT Africa
    Twitter: @alison_gillwald
  6. Lawrence Yanovitch – President, GSMA Foundation
  7. laine Weidman-Grunewald – Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, Ericsson
  8. Tarlev Vitalie – Deputy Minister of of Information Technology and Communications, Moldova

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