Coding Examples

Useful websites containing programs or material related to Code development. This section will cater Design Engineering, CFD and related fields.


  1. Project Euler : Not really coding examples. But a great website and concept.

  2. Solvengineer - Mihai Pruna's Website

  3. A collection of open source Codes for various purposes including CFD. Also includes a Forum and an interesting Tech Blog.
  4. Free CFD Codes- Hiroaki Nishikawa's website.

  5. Very interesting coding examples in CFD. Codes in Fortran and MATLAB
  6. R.H.Mason's website

  7. Excellent source for very instructive and useful programs and material on Aerodynamics and aircraft design
  8. AJ Software

  9. Online software for Design, Engineering, Finance, Education purposes and includes the formulae being used for each application !