Learning Python

This section caters to good learning material and websites that I come across myself or via forums, for gaining functional programming skills.

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  1. Python Monk

  2. This is a great website where you get to learn python via interactive tutorials.
  3. Think Python  : Free Python Book. 

  4. Learn Python the Hard Way

  5. Clear, Simple, Fast. Get used to python in the harder, but far more solid way. 
  6. PyCon India 

  7. Python Community in india. There is a collection of their talks and tutorials on the website that would be very useful to go through. 
  8. Dive into Python 3 - Free Computer books. 

  9. Available to download/view online. Found it recommended in a python community on Linked in. I've reshuffled this link to the end because a beginner in python should preferably stick to mastering python 2.6 first. THere's plenty of first rate material avaulable to get that done.