Open Access

Open Access Portals, Magazines, Books, Courses, and related Blogs on the internet.


  1. Skilled Up

  2. Open Course Ware Consortium

  3. Tracking over 40000 courses from over 70 resources.
  4. Academic Earth

  5. An organisation collating the online courses available from different universities, on different subjects. Definitely worth a look.
  6. Free online courses. Portal similar to coursera, but not as much variety.
  7. Stanford Engineering Everywhere

  8. A limited set of online courses from Stanford University
  9. Tradeup

  10. Personalised education focused towards gaining a specific skillset for the desired role you wish to work in.
  11. Coursera 

  12. Take the world's  best courses, online, for free and get certificates of completion. Really, an amazing initiative.
  13. Big Data University 

  14. Free Courses related to Data Management and Systems. They also provide certificates of completion based on a Final Exam. 
  15. Udacity