Interesting Portals/Blogs/Things

Technical and Non Technical Resources that are great . Go along with the mysterious recipes of success!


  1. Harvard Business Review (HBR) Blog

  2. You can register for free to be able to access the free articles and comment/participate in forums.
  3. Linked In Influencers 

  4. This is a growing collection of Linked In Influencers, whose articles I have found inspiring, interesting and helpful.
  5. NY Times - Corner Office

  6. This is a cool collection of news features by Adam Bryant containing highlights and excerpts from his conversations with CEO's. 
  7. - Science news

  8. Blogs

  9. Naomi Simpson's Blog

  10. Virgin's Blog

  11. This is a portal with a lot of interesting articles on events as they happen, including insights and advice on a variety of issues related to Business, startups, networking.. and so on. 
  12. Logistics Executive : News and Media section.

  13. IBM Portal : IBM insights