Linux Learning Resources

Web Resources on the Fundamentals of Linux. My emphasis is towards those who are complete newcomers and in trying to get (several) good resources in one place. Open source is picking up and this skill is definitely worth acquiring. I hope these resources help.


  1. This website is all about learning to use the terminal in Linux. GUI's are fun, but the power of Linux is using the terminal. There are a plethora of built in functions that can make day-to-day living and everyday tasks very easy to do, and this website shows you how.  This website also has a free ebook on using the Command Line, which has received great reviews, considering that the book covers the same material that is given on the website.
  2. Advanced BASH scripting

  3. Though the title of this guide has the word 'advanced' in it, it is really a very detailed online book that starts at the very basics of shell scripting. The difference between this resource and the rest is that, it also caters to the advanced level, and it has a Huge collection of examples displaying the power of using the Command Line Interface and the terminal.
  4. Dr. Bob's - Low Fat Linux 

  5. This website is a great and free course on linux. It covers all the essentials of getting familiar with a linux operating system. The examples can be followed easily. The key to familiarizing one self with a new system, is to simply plunge into it and religiously follow and redo examples untill we understand the purpose or message that the author is trying to convey. This website provides an easy-to-follow guide for the newbie to also gain an understanding of the logic behind concepts, and the history behind linux, rather being just a bunch of examples/commands.
  6. Linux Survival

  7. This website contains a Java based interactive program with tutorials that take you through the main commands that are repeatedly used in linux. An active internet connection is all that is required to test drive the Linux terminal. It is useful at the absolute beginning to get a realistic feel of how the terminal works. Of course, there are limitations in the sense that the tutorial/example has to be followed/completed exactly in the way the authors expect you to solve the problem. To a completely new linux user, this shouldnt be too much of an issue.