Computational Geometry and Grid Generation

This section caters to resources, books and programs related to geometry and grid generation


  1. Robert Schneider's site

  2. Several resources on mesh and grid generation on the web. Also divided into organisations/efforts related to meshing with respect to region. Some of the links are dead, and some sections are not updated, nevertheless, this site contains a great deal of links, information about meshing and the information is organised pretty well. 
  3. High Performance Computing Collaboratory

  4.  Numerical Grid Generation e-book and Research
  5. David Eppstein's - The Geometric Junkyard

  6. CFD General Notation System (CGNS) 

  7. General, Portable and Extensible standard for the storage and retrieval of CFD analysis data. This format is also Endorsed/ propogated by by Ansys.