CFD Resources

Links to Organisations, Portals, Books, Research Groups and distinguished Researchers' websites with course material, research and examples of CFD applications.


  1. University of Kentucky - Advanced CFD Group

  2. Fluid Mechanics, Turbulence and Computational Analysis (including CFD) lecture notes on the homepage of the advanced CFD group in University of Kentucky.
  3. LearnCAx

  4. LearnCAx is the education arm of the consultancy CCTech, based in Pune (India). They offer online and classroom courses related to CFD, it's applications and Computer Aided Geometry programming. They often put out blogs summarizing the main concepts of complicated subjects and have their own youtube channel. These guys are really good and also offer several free online video lecture courses, free.
  5. NPTEL - CFD Lectures

  6. A joint venture between the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) and IISc. There are a great set of downloadable lectures, nearly an hour long where Prof S.Chakraborti takes you on a journey into CFD starting at the very basics. 
    P.S :  In general, check the quality before downloading the .3gp format as the white board may not be clear enough.
  7. University of Iowa - CFD lectures

  8. CFD lectures from the University of Iowa. The first presentation below is an introductory presentation. The second is of an intermediate level and takes off from where the first presentation ends. The presentation material is concise, but the interesting part is how a lot of information is fit onto a single slide emphasizing on the inter-connection and the relation between different concepts.
  9. Introductory presentation
  10. Intermediate CFD concepts.
  11. Prof. Lorena Barba's CFD course Lectures.

  12. Prof Barba's 'flipped' class on Piazza has attracted a record number of students interested in learning CFD. This is a link to her youtube channel which has all her lectures. These lectures will be very useful to understand CFD from the programming perspective and will help you program your own Navier Stokes Equation solver.
  13. Stanford University Resources 

  14. CFD Course homepage - 
    This webpage contains the course handouts and tutorials for their CFD course. The tutorials are centered around using Gambit and Fluent. The handouts contain concise CFD theory as wells as aspects to consider while setting up simulations in Fluent. There are snippets of information regarding the 'settings' to consider to implement the appropriate boundary conditions. This is where the course material scores over the conventional tutorials provided by software companies.
  15. CFD Presentation  : Also stumbled across this presentation which provides supportive background material for CFD. The material is quite interesting as it answers several common questions in a concise manner, including questions related to numerical techniques. The best part is the visual method in which the numerical technique is effectively conveyed rather than using just the equations. 
  16. Dr Hiroaki Nishikawa's CFD notes