Automotive Engineering Resources

This section is dedicated to interesting and useful resources including course material, media, and information related to Automotive Design Engineering.


  1. Dual Clutch Transmission technology

  2. Autocar Professional

  3. Magazine and information Portal. Automotive design and technology from the perspective of the industry and upcoming trends. This magazine has articles that are very informative and useful. 
  4. Launched in 2007, the idea of this project to explore, understand and accelerate the usage of Electric Vehicles. This website provides statistics and details of the research being conducted. The project also has a Car-share service used by Google's employees called Gfleet. Naturally, being among the best code developers in the world, Google also uses these vehicle fleets to test technology and code that can be integrated into the vehicle electronics.
  5. Automotive Emissions (Diesel)

  6. Diesel-Net has progressed into becoming a handy online resource to information related to emission of diesel vehicles/engines. It provides an overview, review and links to new technologies, emission standards, with updated business news and links. There is also a 'resource' section which has websites and technical papers relevant to the theme of the website.
  7. Automotive Engineering International  (AEI)

  8. This magazine is free to access, though you probably may have to register with the SAE website to access the detailed articles. There are magazines that cater to specific areas of automotive engineering. This magazine and website is a great way to keep yourself up to date on the latest technology and automotive news from a technical perspective. Some of the articles may be biased or promotion gimmicks, but there is a great deal of information that can be extracted here. They do come up with great articles now and then related to automotive technology and the direction of it's growth. Afterall, the SAE is a powerful organisation meant to monitor and support the Automotive industry. 
  9. Land Speed Record Racing

  10. This website contains links, stats and info regarding records, racing sites and technical design information and articles related to land speed record racing. Needless to say, there isn't much technical information available on the internet regarding land speed record racing and this website is one great source you must check out.
  11. Race Car Engineering

  12. This site & magazine are dedicated to Race car engineering , news, events and technology. There are several interesting articles highlighting new features implemented in race vehicles, There is also a 'Technology Explained' section which offers interesting insights to the reasoning behind the vehicles's geometry and other issues as well.
  13. A video on the Differential 

  14. An old, but intuitive video describing the development of the concepts of a differential gear, starting from a visual description of the problem faced and moving forward in a step wise progression, towards a fundamental implementation and understanding of a the differential gear system.
  15. How Differential Gear works (BEST Tutorial)
  16. Utilisation of CFD in the Automobile Industry

  17. Presentation highlighting the potential utilisation of CFD in various aspects of automotive design. This is a great way for students interested in CFD and Automotive Design to focus on a specific aspect that is appealing to them.  Since CFD is 
    a complicated subject, a beginner can often unintentionally ignore potential application areas purely out of ignorance. This presentation helps in setting up a 'potential applicaiton perspective'.