Engineering Physics, Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics

Resources including theory, research material, videos, books, applications on the above areas.


  1. NASA's interactive website

  2. This is an excellent beginner's guide to Aeronautics maintained and designed by NASA and is meant to serve as an introduction to various aspects of Aeronautics. Includes topics like Aerodynamics, with an introduction and covering hypersonic and compressible flows and Propulsion, with specific material on the aerodynamics of a baseball and soccer along with interactive simulators for illustrating the concepts of the above topics. Also covers other topics like Rockets and Wind tunnel design.
  3. Wind Tunnel Design

  4. This website is designed to provide an introduction to different wind tunnel configurations, including the main components that go into making a wind tunnel. It also includes a comprehensive set of references towards design aspects. The website is no longer updated and may not be 'cutting edge', but it definitely conveys the fundamentals in a very concise and technical manner that can be absorbed quickly. Download links to some technical papers describing different aspects are also available.
  5. University of Illinois - Applied Aerodynamics Group

  6. Fuck Yeah Fluid Dynamics - Tumblr Blog

  7. This is a very interesting Tumblr blog where the author regularly posts videos/pictures and other media related to Fluid Dynamics. Many of the videos are quite excellent  and fun to watch, in terms of conveying concepts and real time situations where the importance of Fluid dynamics can be seen and 'felt'. The author also answers questions posted by viewers. The best part is how the tag words are directly linked to Wikipedia or other parts of his blog, which makes it easy to understand new concepts/terminology.
  8. Pumps are among the most important of mechanical devices used in the transfer of fluids. Those in the pump industry, would often tell you that it is a separate area of engineering by itself. 

    This is a website that offers comprehensive information including videos, applets, an extensive Glossary as well as tips on pump design. The entire material is also collated and written down in the form of a free-to-download ebook. The notes are not very involved from a mathematical aspect, but the governing equations are very much present and it has turned out to be a pleasant and interesting read. The author has also posted his videos on youtube.

    You may get a warning about malware from this website. However, I've been exploring the website and nothing seems to have happened so far.  This is definitely, a great source of information on pumps and the physics behind it's functioning as well as design. The site tries to provide you complete background theory as well to enable you to understand pump design and also provides links to good material in other sites, including those of manufacturers. 

  9. Films on Fluid Mechanics

  10. I was shown a couple of these videos in class during my Master's course. These videos are literally timeless in the way experimental setups and observations are conveyed with clarity to the student. 'Watch' and learn fundamental fluid mechanics and understand them better than any text can convey. The videos are free to view online. Highly Reccommended!!
  11. Multiphase Flow - Free Ebook