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No Country for Young Men

Denouncing someone’s opinions because they are young remains an acceptable form of prejudice. In times when it’s fashionable to call oneself a society-changer and startup guru and what not, it's stereotypes like these that hold our society back and need be changed. Full story at


  1.                                                            (The Startup Guy)
  2.                                                            "Staments"?
  3.                                                       Ageism is so fun. This ↑ tweet was later deleted.
  4. Devanik has been a TFI fellow, has written for the Huffington Post, MIT Entrepreneurship Review, Stanford Social Innovation Review, was a World Bank consultant, a Policy Researcher for an MP, and is a fellow millennial.
  5. TSC is a startup hub run by the guy; This ↑ tweet was also later deleted.
  6.                                                            This ↑ tweet, yes, deleted.
  7.                                Read full article ⇩ at 'Fancy me' signing off…