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ShortFormBlog's live coverage of the online happenings of tonight's Oscars ceremony. Follow for some awesome coverage.

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  1. Tonight's Oscars, no longer at the Kodak Theater, certainly doesn't feel like a dogfight (with many of the major categories expected to be won by "The Artist" and "The Help"), but it doesn't mean it won't be any fun. I'll be covering the fun side of tonight's Oscars over here. Storify what?
  2. Note to NYC Craigslist users: Hurry up or you might miss out on the opportunity to be Bosom Buddies with a Tom Hanks lookalike. No clue what ”full experience” means but maybe he turns into Forrest...
  3. We wish we would've gotten Tom Hanks at our party.
  4. apsies: Meryl Streep in Lanvin. The queen has arrived. BOW DOWN.
  5. Seacrest: Nailed by Sacha Baron Cohen, who moonlighted as The Dictator at tonight's ceremony and dumped a ton of ashes on our boy, supposedly those of Kim Jong-Il.
  6. nparts: Sacha Baron Cohen, dressed in character from his new film “The Dictator”, arrives at the 84th Academy Awards in Hollywood, California February 26, 2012. (REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni)Related:Live Chat: The 2012 Academy Awards Photo Gallery: The 2012 Academy Awards I don’t care at all about the Oscars, but this is awesome.
  7. mattchew03: How to piss off Ryan Seacrest. Right.
  8. Anyway, Billy Crystal's musical introduction got early mocking reviews:
  9. And Tom Hanks rocked the facial hair:
  10. Goatees don’t make you look “stately,” Tom.
  11. And the jokes about how terrible Billy Crystal is (and the montages are) continue:
  12. And there was a little trouble with some of the dresses. Jennifer Lopez's specifically.
  14. The best foreign language film, announced by a German-accented, Chinese-speaking Sandra Bullock, was won by the Iranian film "A Separation," which was a great moment … albeit one that we could see sparking uninformed controversy.
  15. The Iranian film “A Separation” won for Best Foreign Language Film, which is totally awesome.
  16. But the night's best early moment goes to Octavia Spencer, who won Best Supporting Actress. Lots of crying. Very emotional. However, Billy Crystal killed it by making an edgy joke afterwards. Alas.
  17. Octavia Spencer in tears. “I’m wrapping up, I’m totally freaking out!”