Ways to Make Home Interior Impressive with Cork

One of the types of woods that have made huge entry into the interior designs is cork.


  1. Wooden work in interior designing always gets fair appreciation from the visitors and guests. The reason is that wood creates a character in interior design that relaxes the dwellers. One of the types of woods that have made huge entry into the interior designs is cork. Cork has anti-microbial properties and it is highly eco-friendly. This is the reason that it is often preferred for the woodwork in kitchen, laundry rooms and other places that receive a lot of moisture consistently. Nevertheless, cork is now being considered the preferred item for designing the interiors of bedrooms and living rooms.

    So, how to incorporate cork into the interior designs? Let’s discuss some ways.
  2. Floors that are functional

  3. The cork gives a bounce-back feel that you can never get from concrete, tiles and other types of wood. So, if you have kids who want to run, and babies who crawl, you can surely pick cork as a hardwood flooring option. It’s an even better option if you like to walk on the floor of your home barefooted. Furthermore, the hardwood floor made of cork can be a wonderful relaxant if you lie on your back over it regularly.

    This material is naturally long lasting and highly durable. So, if you want the surfaces of your kitchen and bathroom to be resistant to moisture, there would be no better option other than cork. Another characteristic of cork is that it is not damaged when you hit it with hammer. There may appear a dent after hammering, but that dent disappears in a matter of days.
  4. The paneling solution

  5. Besides the price factor, another reason for the wood paneling to be abandoned by many people is that it is hard to maintain. The normal wood panels are not moisture resistant; and this serves as the big reason that cleaning of these panels has to be done quite carefully. On the other hand, cork provides wonderful solution to the people who like to see wood panels being installed on the walls but they do not like the maintenance requirements. Although the price of cork may be a little higher but it can last for many years. Furthermore, the cork panels are now available in different styles and colors.
  6. The corkboard walls

  7. Want to install something like a noticeboard in your home office room or in the children’s room, consider corkboard. Although, these walls are not being created by many people but it’s just a matter of time when people will realize how practical the usage of these walls can be.
  8. The cork art

  9. You might not be willing to create the entire wall made of cork, but you can certainly consider it to use for artistic decoration purposes. Good thing is that you don’t need to bring in the regular artwork when you consider cork for this purpose. You can pick random arts with free use of any type of color you want.
  10. Designer Cork Wall Decor Ideas by Cali Bamboo
  11. Finally, it is worth mentioning that smart implementations like incorporating cork into the interior designs can help you raising the value of your home among potential home buyers. If you have the hardwood flooring of cork installed, you can expect selling your home at a reasonable price.