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Lin takes over Toronto ... and Twitter

Lin struggled early, and the Knicks' five-game winning streak looked in peril in Toronto. But somehow, he rescued a hype-geist in the most spectacular fashion imaginable. Here's the story, as told through social media.


  1. Before the game against Toronto even starts, Va-LIN-tine's Day is a cultural meme. Fair enough, as hearts throb en masse for the kid. Fair enough, as even Raptors fans cheer every Lin bucket. 
  2. Jose Calderon is not returning the love, though. He's torching Lin early, and Lin is forced into five first-quarter turnovers. It's going so well for Toronto that Calderon's trade value is skyrocketing, according to one jokester:
  3. In the fourth quarter, Lin helps marshal a comeback that does not inundate the Raptors so much as slowly overtakes them like a shifting ocean tide.

    Then, with 1:05 left, Jeremy ties the game with a launching, lurching and-1 finish. The play is cool enough to prompt this fairly representative reaction:
  4. Also representative: 
  5. And then ... the shot heard over the border and across the ocean. You know, round' the world. For a surreal moment, the cleverest Twitter pundits lost their Lin puns in favor of crazed exultation.
  6. Even Reggie Miller is cheering a Knick now?

  7. And what of a team Jeremy recently shredded? 
  8. A little bit of criticism from Jeremy's landlord.
  9. Fun, even without the suspense factor. 
  10. Amare compared Jeremy Lin to Steve Nash, but what did a grizzled veteran like Nash think of all this? 
  11. More reactions from cynical, jaded NBA veterans.