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  1. Most of the Office of the Registrar forms available online are Acrobat PDF files that you can fill out on your computer. To view and complete PDF forms, you will need Adobe Reader, a free document reader, installed. Photoshop CS5 Extended from Adobe Systems is an amazingly capable image and photo editor, equipped with features that make it a valuable tool for a broad range of professional endeavors, including CAD, DCC (digital content and creation), and visualization. Although a Standard version is also available, for this review, I evaluated Photoshop CS5 Extended, which offers high-end capabilities of interest to design professionals and the professional imaging communities. This release packs in more technological advancements from Adobe Labs than any other, and incorporates enhancements to everyday tasks requested by users. Advanced tools for 3D address the needs of the video, Web, Autodesk AutoCAD 2015 , manufacturing, and engineering industries.
  2. This is not a hard and fast definition- Autodesk offers products for design as well, and there are SketchUp Pro customers who are doing construction documents entirely in our products. And of course now that we're a part of the Trimble Buildings group, entirely new possibilities exist. But I think most folks who have used both tools would agree with my statements to some degree.
  3. Windows 10 Pro users get a bit of added functionality — this version lets you defer updates How to Manage Windows Update in Windows 10 How to Manage Windows Update in Windows 10 For control freaks, Windows Update is a nightmare. It's designed to operate in the background, automatically keeping your system safe and running smoothly. We show you how it works and what you can customize. Read More until a later time. You'll still receive security patches, of course, but major OS features will hit Home users before they do Pro machines.