#StopBlackGirls2013 demeans, degrades and devalues black women

It was open season on black women on Twitter Sunday night. The tweets in the ugly trending topic compared black women's bodies w/ animals, furniture & food. Black women's existence was a joke. The topic trended for hours & reached the #2 trending topic spot. Post-racial Amercia? Um, OK.

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  1. Many people found the trending topic, photos and pictures to be very funny.
  2. When black women's bodies weren't compared with animals they were likened to things, like furniture and food.
  3. One black woman was compared to the alien E.T.
  4. Black girls' hair was highly criticized in all its forms.
  5. Natural hair is apparently the worst kind of hair for black girls to have.
  6. Attempts to affirm natural hair and black girls were shot down.
  7. Don't dare to try to have some style. Twitter will kill that.