Weekly Review of Canadian Secularism for August 21

No science in politics, hate speech, assisted suicide, sex education and world blasphemy: This week's headline roundup from the Secular Lynx feeds. Please enjoy!


  1. Throughout the week I post news about secularism in Canada on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Then I collect them all up in to a weekly review just for you. (Actually, I do it for myself. But you can use it!) Please share and embed as you see fit.

  2. Canada

  3. 40 years of debates and not one question on science. (via @bchumanist)
  4. Ontario

  5. Business closes, claiming that working with employees who have unionized is against their religion.
  6. Québec

  7. Physician Assisted Suicide

  8. Ontario makes a more balanced physician assisted dying panel than the announced federal panel:
  9. World

  10. Continuing: Bangladesh blogger Niloy Neel killed for blasphemy
  11. Additional three arrested:
  12. (via @IHEU)
  13. Saudi Arabia: Raif Badawi's blasphemy case