Weekly Review of Canadian Secularism for August 14

Homeopathic warnings, assisted suicide, sex education and another blogger from Bangladesh killed: This week's headline roundup from the Secular Lynx feeds. Please enjoy!


  1. Throughout the week I post news about secularism in Canada on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Then I collect them all up in to a weekly review just for you. (Actually, I do it for.) Please share and embed as you see fit.

  2. Canada: Homeopathic regulations

  3. Canada: Physician Assisted Suicide

  4. BC: Sex Education

  5. This week Last Week Tonight with John Oliver did a segment on sex education in the United States:
  6. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Sex Education (HBO)
  7. The BC Humanists used this as a reason to discuss abstinence only education in BC:
  8. World: Another Bangladesh blogger killed