Weekly Review of Canadian Secularism for July 30

Abortion pill in Canada, 'Culture' not a legal defence, ultra-orthodox passenger and blasphemy laws in UAE: This week's headline roundup from the Secular Lynx feeds. Please enjoy!


  1. Throughout the week I post news about secularism in Canada on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Then I collect them all up in to a weekly review just for you. (Actually, I do it for myself so I have them all.) Please share and embed as you see fit.
  2. Note: From July 18 to July 24 there was not much news, so this has been combined with July 25th to July 31th.
  3. Canada

  4. RU-486 abortion pill approved, will increase access to abortion. Tory MP (and trained theologian) opposes it.
  5. Ontario

  6. Claiming it's your culture does not mitigate criminal charges in Ontario.
  7. US: Canadian passenger refuses to move for ultra-orthodox Jewish man who won't look at her or talk to her.
  8. World News

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