Land For What?

The weekend-long conference was a huge success on many different levels - learning about new aspects of land, planning direct action, building new relationships and finding common ground. Here are some of our highlights!

  1. Saturday: land for what and for whom?

  2. The conference kicked off with a short video about why we all felt it was necessary to gather people from such diverse arenas of action - housing, planning, food growing, consulting, politics and law - to talk about LAND.
  3. Followed by a neighbourly chat with the theme: What does land mean to you? How do we make land work for the common good? The answers and comments were just about what we expected from this totally rad bunch:
  4. We then had an absolutely jam-packed afternoon of workshops, talks and open debates.
  5. The day then ended on a melodic note - singing Mrs Barbour's Army, and rallying people to join the Reclaim Holloway march down the road.
  6. Sunday: a day for action planning and thinking about the future

  7. The second day of the conference kicked off with an encapsulating statement by Scottish MSP Andy Wightman:
  8. Simon Fairlie of the Land Magazine also gave us a visual statement of the absurdity of our current system, where land/housing prices continue to increase while the price of our food has never been cheaper.
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