This week's Twitter crop of #writing angst

It took me a long time to come to terms with Twitter's weird blend of watercooler/cocktail party/retail culture. But now I find it to be a fairly useful source of #writing tips and news. Here's what I found most helpful this week.

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  1. A Couple of Writing Tidbits

  2. In Kate Krake's world, if you can write, write. If you can't, plan. It's all good.
  3. I've always considered the sessions I spend planning, editing, or brainstorming future projects to be fairly blatant procrastination. A slightly higher, potentially more on target form than the kind of procrastination that involves me tackling our six-foot high laundry pile, but procrastination nonetheless. After all, it's time spent doing something other than stringing words together on a page. I plan, edit, or brainstorm on the days when I don't feel up to putting even two words together, much less 200, or 2000. But Kate Krake makes a good argument for viewing those thinking marathons as time spent feeding my writing -- not simply time taken away from it.
  4. These all sound great, but you know what I really need? An app that will #FinishTheDamnBookAlready for me.
  5. A Wee Bit of Encouragement

  6. A Dash of Writerly Angst

  7. Been there. Doing that. This week in fact. #WritingSoulMates
  8. And Finally, My Favorite Writing Tweet of the Week