Revealing Local History

This Wikipedia edit-a-thon allowed those taking part to create and enhance local history Wikipedia articles using Victoria County History (VCH) and British History Online (BHO) materials. Using these texts as source material for Wikipedia articles continues the revelation process that begins by bringing archival material to print with the red books and then into digital format on BHO.


  1. Wikipedia edit-a-thons were hosted in two locations on the 21st of November 2015 as part of Being Human: a Festival of the Humanities. The School of Advanced Study was a national coordinating hub for the festival and Revealing Local History was part of its 'Hidden and Revealed' theme. Thanks to SAS, Senate House Library, Victoria County History and British History Online hosted one event at Senate House Library, as well as an event in the David Wilson Library at the University of Leicester.
  2. The planning began in August, when the 'Local History Dream Team' was born.
  3. We were so happy to be part of the Being Human festival and the event information was in the festival booklet and on the website!
  4. Promotion of the event included Twitter invitations to all interested local historians and blog posts describing the events.
  5. We created event pages on Wikipedia as the event grew closer, both for London and Leicester.