Top 10 Bay of Fundy High Tide Adventures

Few places on Earth are as awe-inspiring as New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy. A visit to this special place will reward you with magnificent tides, breathtaking coastline and endless adventure.


  1. Paddle the highest tides in the world and take in dramatic coastlines, scenic inlets and secret caves. Our knowledgeable kayaking outfitters ensure you’ll be set up with the equipment you’ll need.
  2. Feel the ocean spray on your cheeks and witness some of the world’s rarest whales breach off the bow.
  3. Rugged coastline, cliffs and wildlife place the three Fundy Isles of Deer Island, Grand Manan Island and Campobello Island among the best in the world.
  4. Best witnessed at The Hopewell Rocks, at low tide you can walk the ocean floor and look up at the cliffs and rocks. At high tide, enormous rock formations that once towered over you are now barely peeking out above the surface.
  5. What better way to experience one of the Seven Best Views in Canada than by zip lining along the magnificent Bay of Fundy and rappelling down a 43-m (140-ft.) cliff towards the rocky ocean floor?
  6. 6. Make it a Two Nation Vacation

  7. Take the one-of-a-kind scenic drive along the Bay of Fundy to the US border and split your holiday between two of the friendliest neighbours in the world – Maine and New Brunswick.
  8. An enormous display featuring the magnitude of the Fundy tides anchors the new Fundy Discovery Aquarium. Harbour seals Loki and Snorkel will entertain you and a ‘hands on’ approach is definitely encouraged at the gigantic touch pool and skate tank.
  9. 8. Experience one-billion years of history in one day

  10. Explore the natural playground of Stonehammer UNESCO Global Geopark - a landscape created by the collision of continents, oceans, volcanoes, earthquakes and ice ages.
  11. 9. Discover the 'Roads to Sea' along the Bay of Fundy