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Depression Quest Harassment Campaign

Zoë Quinn made a game called Depression Quest. She published this game to Valve Corporation's Greenlight service, where users of their Steam online store vet possible new store additions. Simply the idea that the game *could* be sold on the store was enough to trigger a storm of online harassment.


  1. To attempt to induce Zoë to remove her game from the service, or simply to "punish" her for the perceived offence of being a woman on the internet, she was subjected to significant harassment on multiple fronts, culminating in repeated sexually harassing phone calls.

    Her experience is not uncommon for women publishing visible work on the internet, especially in the field of game development, where many men still believe women do not belong at all. For many women, these "raids," or organized campaigns of harassment, form a significant barrier to work equality in the industry.

    In Canada, indecent communications and harassing communications would both become criminal offences under bill C-13.