Sanesplaining & psychsplaining

After the tweet lecture earlier about "splaining" (which I've learned is a word too!), and how "madsplaining" was the Wrong Word to use and instead "sanesplaining" is the Right Word to use, I've done online searches of "sanesplaining". Nothing much comes up on google. Here's what came up on twitter:


  1. I also searched the term suggested by Erick Fabris - psychsplaining - but found nothing on either google or twitter. 
  2. As you'll see from the blog post , the reason I use the word "madsplaining" is because everyone - people with and without lived experience of mental illness - chips in, offers advice and thinks they know best. When it's about a mental health professional or someone without personal experience of mental illness doing the talking down, I've called that "patienting".

    Anyhow, here's what I came across online with respect to the terms "sanesplaining" and "psychsplaining".

  3. The term "sanesplaining" was first used in March 2012 by Angie Jackson - twitter @antitheistangie - based in Denver, Colorado, who's twitter bio describes her as: "Atheist, prochoice vlogger & autism mommy." Here's a link to her YouTube page:  and blog: 
  4.  Auguste - twitter @augustePDX - uses the term 6 months later (September 2012). The twitter bio says: "OH-goost™ #RCTID and some occasional politics. The Twitter account that *won't* make you sick and kill you." Based in Portland, Oregon, USA, her website is ·
  5. Then this year, the term was used by Zoe - twitter @stfumisogynists - first as a stand-alone tweet and then in response to me, it seems!
  6. I think that twitter conversation was the first time I had introduced the word "mansplaining" to someone else, and this is what Zoe had replied.
  7. Anyhow, after that, the term doesn't appear on twitter until today: