Madsplaining ... and how it was mansplained to me

A little conversation on the topic of offering unsolicited advice to someone who's managing a long-term mental health condition ... oh, and mansplaining. See my blog of the same name for the full story


  1. If someone is managing a long-term mental health (or physical) condition, they've probably had a good old go at trying various treatments, therapies, supplements, diets and even any amount of other hocus pocus  remedies that make it into the Daily Mail or TV documentaries. Just something to bear in mind when someone tweets about their condition and you're tempted to mention something off the top of your head: some people aren't asking for advice.
  2. (I hadn't heard of "psychsplaining" - and there's nothing useful on google either.)
  3. Here we go back to Mr Fabris:
  4. And the conversation continues ...