But we're not all like that ...

For the full story, please see my blog of the same name - http://sectioneduk.wordpress.com/2013/08/16/but-were-not-all-like-that/ - @Sectioned_ (please remember the underscore at the end).


  1. "But we're not all like that ..." is an argument raised when A describes their experience and B takes it personally. Typically, A has been on the receiving end of some sort of abuse and B says, "But we're not all like that" (the abuser) - thereby making it about B, denying A's experience. This - and other argument tactics (eg victim blaming) - are explored in what turned out to be a twitter pile on.
  2. We start with a tweet by Charlotte, which I put in my timeline by retweeting. And then Mr McCarthy chipped in with ... you guessed it ... "But we're not all like that".
  3. This came at the end of a long day for Charlotte, as you'll read at the end. It also came at the end of a long day for me - spent in hospital.
  4. Although the story starts with a tweet by Charlotte and a conversation with tweep Mr McCarthy, it broadens out and includes lots more tweeps. Read on.