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Two Hours in the Life of a Lesser Known GG Victim

This sort of thing happens constantly, to dozens if not hundreds of women.


  1. When people write about Gamergate, there's a tendency to focus on just one or two victims. This weird hate group is all about trying to destroy the life of Zoë Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian. Maybe they'll mention Brianna Wu, maybe Randi Harper. Some of their recent SWAT attack targets might see a brief passing mention in articles directly covering those incidents, but the real scope of the whole thing constantly gets lost.
  2. The people I mentioned above are the "highest profile" targets, but mainly just in the sense that they've been written about. All can claim some unique special treatment they've had from GG- The stalkers keeping constant watch on Zoe's home and harassing people she went to high school with, Anita's bomb threats at speaking engagements, Brianna's video death threats, Randi's stalker taking selfies in front of her office. Other than those unique incidents and the special attention they get from some of GG's bigger names, what they face isn't much different from any other woman who catches the eye of the mob.
  3. @MadamPlumpette is the twitter handle of my friend Simone, one of the many other women targeted by GG, constantly. Most of GG has no idea who she is. I don't think she even made their recent Enemies List of around 90 people. They've never invented a scandal about her. She did gain a bit of special attention from helping to expose their organizational website as a hub for child porn, but that still doesn't earn her more of GG's fury than any other woman to express disproval with them. Just how little is that? Have a look at this charming string of tweets.
  4. @SirPlumped here set up this brand new twitter account 2 hours before I started writing this. Here's every single tweet he's ever made, in chronological order.