The 2013 Ditmar Awards Ceremony

The Ditmar Award has been awarded annually since 1969 at the Australian National Science Fiction Convention (the "Natcon") to recognise achievement in Australian speculative fiction and specfic fandom.


  1. This years event took place in the Australian capital, Canberra at Conflux 9.  The ceremony was hosted by the wonderful Deb Biancotti. 
  2. The scapegoat was prepared early incase any of Deb's jokes went south. 
  3. The Nominations for 2013 can be found at the post below.
  4. The wonderful Terri was snapped trying to steal a Ditmar early...oh right "modelling" the Ditmar trophy
  5. The crowd shuffles in
  6. Deb does her best to look nonchalant -" I have this all under control"
  7. And they were off
  8. And already the crowd was stunned by Deb's apparel or by her using rude words
  9. Don't worry Terri blame it on the goat.
  10. There was an attempt to summon Gary K Wolfe by building a lego statuette 
  11. There was a Live Tweet screen