Scott Mountain by the Brook Internet Access is Fast and Easy

Portland Home Apartment


  1. Internet access in Scott Mountain apartments is swift and easy. With hosting and DSL connections, you can access the internet from your apartment and from the different amenity- locations of Scott Mountain apartments.

    Enjoy the amenity of communicating globally and accessing information from the web through the Scott Mountain by the Brook Internet Access.

    Using a T-Mobile wideband LTE network upgrade, Scott Mountain by the Brook Internet Access allows residents to access the internet at the fastest Mbps, 70 times faster than Dial-up. Scott Mountain by the Brook Internet Access is unique to the entire apartment facility complex.

    Equipped with top of the line computers attached to high-powered servers, Scott Mountain by the Brook Internet Access provides residents and guests with the tools to gain access to global knowledge and high speed communications.

    Be the first to experience the enjoyable journey into the digital world through the Scott Mountain by the Brook Internet Access. A friendly staff is available to assist you at anytime if you experience any fluctuation in your internet access. Simply call the reception area or maintenance crew for assistance.

    If you’re a businessman, you will find the Scott Mountain by the Brook Internet Access a great tool in facilitating global, regional or local business based in the Portland area. With our Business Center as a supporting facility, all the necessary tools in conducting a successful business operation are on hand. It's like doing business while at home.

    Connect with your business associates while in the comfort of your living room. Chat with family and friends through Facebook while waiting for your favorite pizza to get cooked inside the apartment’s kitchen. Or search the web inside your bedroom as you relax in comfort.

    Entertain yourself by watching great movies at any point in your apartment or in any of the amenity-locations of Scott Mountain apartments, including the clubhouse, the poolside, the coffee bar, the fitness center, the sundeck, the playground and the outdoor sport court. You can even access the internet at the different car parking sheds of Scott Mountain apartments.

    With fast internet access, a cool and elegantly designed friendly environment, your learning and productivity in the Scott Mountain apartment is greatly enhanced. Should you decide to print out documents from the internet surfing, a swift call to the Business Center will allow the printing process to occur, and for a modest fee, just proceed to our office which is a walking distance from your apartment.