RBD Speaker Series Winter 2016, Guest: Ryan Bonnar

On week 4 of our Career Prep Class, our group was honored to present Ryan Bonnar as our Guest Speaker in conjunction with the #RBDspeakerseries. Written by: Scott Brooks (300 Words)


  1. First off, here’s a little bio about Ryan:

  2. Ryan is an Alumni of the Radio Broadcasting program of Humber College; class of 2005. He first got into the industry as an intern at AM 640 for “The John Oakley Show”. He eventually got hired on the AM640 team after a lot of hard work and determination during his six month internship. With that hard work and determination, it got Ryan to where he is now as a content producer and on-air host for “The John Oakley Show” and “The Stafford Show”. On the side he has established a voiceover company, Applecroft Audio, in 2011.

  3. Now, on to what he shared with the class!
    There were quite a few experiences that he has obtained during his 10 years at AM 640. He has done temporary hosting for “The Stafford Show”, exclusive interviews with newsmakers and co-hosts “The Pro-ducers”.
    There were quite a few important ‘take-aways’ that Ryan told us, as we are preparing to branch out into the “Never boring, always exciting” world of radio.
    He told us:
     -Don’t be afraid to take chances or make mistakes (trial and error).
     -As a producer of a talk show, take direction from the host as it is their show, not yours. (Many hosts have HUGE egos!)
     -Always prepare and research for content in advance of the show.
     -You have to “push and fight” to get to the top of your career.
     -Always remember to work hard and have FUN!
  4. Overall, it was a great honor and pleasure to have Ryan come in as guest speaker as he shared his knowledge and experience as a Talk Show Producer.