Twitter's Response to Pat Kirwan of CBS Sports

Pat Kirwan thinks only former NFL players and coaches should have a voice in NFL media. In response, Twitter spoke loud and clear.

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  1. Pat Kirwan of CBS Sports and Sirus Radio made his thoughts pretty clear late on Wednesday night. Funny think about social media is that other people get to do the same...
  2.'s resident "Fake FB Guy" Bill Barnwell (formerly of Football Outsiders, which is pretty apropos to this discussion), fires this sarcastic salvo.
  3. More specifically...
  4. And even more personal...
  5. Kirwan is on the radio too and never worked in broadcast before. There were many more hilarious and absurd iterations of this meme challenging everything from Kirwan's ability to cook dinner, listen to music or watch movies. In the end, it's all a satire of the assertion that previous experience makes someone automatically an expert.
  6. The opposite of Kirwan's maxim, of course, is the amount of non-football people who actually go into the NFL and do rather well in it.
  7. More irony, Kirwan is glad to take the money of people who read his book and listen to his show--all under the premise of telling "regular" fans that they too can learn the inner secrets of some hidden game behind the game. Does Kirwan think that he's the only one capable of learning and retaining knowledge?
  8. For the most part, "writers" and "bloggers" have become somewhat indistinguishable these days. More people get their news from Mike Florio than almost any journalist and blog networks around the web have stepped up to the plate as newspapers have started to falter. 
  9. This may say it all...