I am a 48 year old Father of 4, Musician. I did Maintenance for 28 years until I was recently injured along with some chronic health issues Ive fought for years that come with a life time of hard work. I am now on a new chapter of my life looking to be of service in my community and to those in need

John McDonough

John McDonough is a Financial Advisor, CEO & Founder of Studemont Group of Companies @studemontgrplp @studemontgpcfs... @YEC. He is a #Houston Sports fan.

The Book Girls

Un Twitter a cui piace leggere. Seguiteci per essere aggiornati sulle nostre recensioni, retrospettive e sfuriate sulla narrativa YA.

Ready Now Yuma

Brooke Hall

Educator. Technology Integration Specialist. Corp. Testing Coordinator. School Counseling Background. Tech Nerd. Musician. Songwriter. Animal-Lover.

UK Essays Team

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Edweek Events

Education Week Leadership Forums and stories about past educational webinars.

RandiAnn Kula

Mommy ~ Educator ~ Learner ~ All Things Texas Country


KetchupMoms is the humorous brainchild of 2 friends living across the world from each other.Tweets about life, family, food and travel from Charu and Puneeta.

Carolyn Sossi Grant

Wife, Stepmother, Sister, Daughter, Principal, Athlete, Music Lover, Shoe Lover, Arm Chair Sports Fan, Sommelier-At Home, LOVER of LAUGHTER, LOVER OF LIFE!


An LMS who loves to discuss books, reading, the role of literacy and technology in education, and the ever changing role of teachers.

Dany Bouche

Software developer in working hours, geek the rest of the day. Addicted to books and caffeine. 22.

Gards Flores

Just your average post-industrial info/creative worker bee. Digs SoLoMo, Open Data, cultural & media studies, critical geo, Lego & photography

UoN Libraries

The official Twitter for The University of Nottingham Libraries.