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The People vs. Felix Salmon

How many followers should you have before The Atlantic Wire hires you as deputy editor?


  1. It all started when Esquire's web director, Matt Sullivan, made an announcement:
  2. His new co-workers were pleased!
  3. But Reuters's Felix Salmon (who also contributes to CJR) noticed something:
  4. Business Insider's Joseph Weisenthal felt the need to stick up for his fellow soon-to-be deputy editor:
  5. Salmon started to backtrack ...
  6. But it was too late! Here comes ex-Gawker ex-Village Voice ex-Esquire ex-New York Observer current Complex senior editor Foster Kamer: 
  7. Salmon couldn't resist: 
  8. New York Times social media producer Michael Roston (who somehow managed to get the job despite having fewer than 4,000 followers) wanted to make things clear:
  9. Salmon soon had an announcement of his own:
  10. And Sullivan, whose new job caused all the commotion in the first place, responded with the kind of sage wisdom you wouldn't expect from someone with only 288 followers: