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Mark Duffy (a.k.a. "copyranter") vs. Fair Use

How much of another publication's content should Buzzfeed republish?


  1. It all started when New York magazine decided to have some fun with The New York Post and the arrest of an NYPD officer who was allegedly planning to kidnap, cook, and eat several women:
  2. Mark Duffy, a.k.a. Buzzfeed's "copyranter," liked the results so much that he lifted eight of them (out of 11) and posted them on Buzzfeed:
  3. Bloomberg's director of social media took issue with the generous sampling: 
  4. His collegues responded:
  5. Duffy responded with the "they started it" defense, most popular in the 4-10 year old demographic:
  6. Former "Fox Mole" Joe Muto, who knows a little something about stealing, weighed in:
  7. Keller, De Rosa, and the author of the New York piece, Dan Amira, disagreed:
  8. And now, we present Duffy's angry response to everyone who dared question his journalistic ethics. 
  9. First up, Globe and Mail's deputy editor of digital operations:
  10. Duffy began to get quite spirited. This will be a continuing theme: