The Eco Friendly Alternative to Choosing Hardwood Garden Benches

The earths hardwood resources are quickly declining year after year, and a huge part of that problem is the use of it in garden furniture. We give you some alternative, eco friendly alternatives for your garden bench.


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  3. Often people don't think about their garden furniture being ethically sourced. As we have been in the furniture trade for over 10 years, we have grown to realise, that often furniture, especially wooden furniture, can come from some very unethical sources, that are often not focused on the environmental impact of their production.
  4. Eco friendly garden benches - Save the worlds hardwood supplies with a 100% recyclable Winawood™ bench...
  5. We at Gardencentreshopping believe that it is of great importance to source furniture ethically, and we have taken the executive decision, to stop our supply of hardwood benches, and focus on the new, environmentally friendly material called Winawood™.
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  7. Winawood™, formerly known as Sandwick, is made from a material created during the manufacture of polystyrene, which is then reformed and compacted, to create a strong and durable material that can be shaped for use in garden furniture.
  8. It has a built in grain effect, which gives it the appearance and feel of real hardwood, when it is in fact 100% synthetic.
  9. It can also be left outside all year round, and does not require oiling, or any form of treatment with harsh chemicals, which can be harmful to the environment.
  10. The official Winawood™ information site below, gives you more information on the creation of the Winawood™ product.
  11. Suppliers of Winawood™ garden benches

  12. Listed below are a few of the main suppliers of Winawood™ bench:
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