Paradigm Shift at the MuseumNext 2013 Conference in Amsterdam

Radical experiments, Cutting edge Technologies and Innovative Thinking for the next generation of Museums : A Collection of Live Tweets from the Beurs Van Berlage

  1. #MuseumNext @michaeljohng @ScienceGallery Hello Ablative Museum! a creative community platform for collisions between art and science!
  2. #MuseumNext Exploring the potential of 3D printing for museums. Monkey wrench= is it Sustainable? surely if open source and participatory..
  3. #MuseumNext @pgorgels How to Curate? Does the process of open curation change the internal workings of a museum too?
  4. #MuseumNext @pgorgels Merging and blending legacy Art collections with popular culture=great metrics @rijksmuseum
  5. #MuseumNext Peter Gorgels @rijksmuseum Build a lean web interface for the culture snacker, the new target group and let one experiment!
  6. "Make your Data ready to go, Keep making it better & Release, release" The Incremental Museum?! @rosemarybeetle #MuseumNext
  7. "A robust data engine is the true heart of an efficient and scalable digital museum service!" Andrew Lewis @V_and_A #MuseumNext
  8. Prototype Prototype Prototype! Museums do not have to always display finished products..#MuseumNext
  9. Paradigm shift happening...Mind blowing projects and toys for museums from Google Web labs Science Museum #MuseumNext /
  10. Can museums design a metadata ritual, to build real life interactions in the community? Listening to Kathryn Eccles #MuseumNext
  11. @lumamendes Luis Mendes talking about Affection collection, management and exchange in #MuseumNext
  12. the prototype as the product!..the museum as a working prototype! from @sebchan #MuseumNext
  13. How much and what do you digitize? ...the spanking cat from the 18th century! haha! from @sebchan #MuseumNext