Inclusive Museum Conference at the National Art Gallery of Denmark 22 - 24 April 2013

  1. #inclusivemuseum Representation: deconstructing the event, the exhibit to include diversity of thought through a new set of narratives?
  2. Community participation museum installation of energy, light therapy in Finland  #inclusivemuseum
    Community participation museum installation of energy, light therapy in Finland #inclusivemuseum
  3. #inclusivemuseum Sarah Edwards RMIT "is the natural museum a contemporary philosophers stone?….giving and maintaining life to dead forms."
  4. #inclusivemuseum Frank Howarth, Australian Museum: "most collections need to be played like a musical instrument"..create rituals of culture
  5. Presenting at the Inclusive Museum Conference at the National Gallery Cphg DK 22 -24.4! @onmuseums Will tweet. erence/
  6. Abstract of Paper Presentation: The "Light is History" project involved a public art installation that served as a research object in a public square in the Nordic city of Helsinki. It investigated community participation, energy use, and new media approaches in the public display of energy artifacts from contemporary Nordic material culture. Participating families were requested to inform of their energy consumption and publish their daily energy use for one week onto the project web portal. This data was used to determine the brightness of the individual therapy lamps and to light the artifact displays of the installation for over one week. This research exercise demonstrated that community members were willing to display their personal artifacts in the public place and share their energy use for the common well-being. New media technologies and participatory action was able to bridge the private to the public spaces, the individual to the collective, and exhibit the community's material culture and energy patterns. The project also established that a shared and collaborative installation space that mimics a museum can be created outside the museum walls that is open-sourced, sustainable, and participatory.